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YOLO Traveller is a community of young people who love traveling and doing activities that positively crazy and fun like playing paragliding, shooting, diving, snorkeling, trekking, rafting, climbing etc.




"To be creative, we must challenge ourselves to continue to do things that have never been done before" - Yoris Sebastian


"Traveling to a new place, with limited information, money, time and knowledge can change human destiny. The limitations does not necessarily make us cornered without the ability to get out (of trouble) altogether. In fact, our children or students have already had the ability to drive themselves or self driving their own, which make them able to find the "exit" of the difficulties they face everyday. With Self Driving, humans learn to establish themselves with self-talk, achieve self confidence, self discipline, self creativity, and stepping lightly with simplicity (which is more simple mind)" - Rhenald Kasali


"Because of my experiences and what I learned on my Travels, my thinking today has definitely been broadened and my approach to life is more creative and out of the box. Traveling is such a great way to learn more about yourself and your place in the world" - Kari Byron





Forming young people who have high self drive, creative and mature through traveling


- Conduct a unique activity that is challenging but still positive and fun

- Visiting new places and interacting with local residents
- Involve all participants to think and solve problems



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