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APPLICATION FORM PARAHYANGAN GREEN CHALLENGE 2015- For Exchange Students who Currently Studying in Indonesia



Parahyangan Green Challenge (PGC) is an intiative event launched in 2013 held by Gloria Marcella to rise the awarness of Unpar students to take action about the waste problem which is the main environment issue nowadays. In 2014, PGC succeed held the national scale event which invited 100 students around Indonesia to make the Ecopreneurship movement. What makes PGC become different with another environment event that is a challenge that we give to participants through the excited games like Running Man and Amazing Race. For this 2015, we have set an excited challenges for the youth for over the ASEAN country to take action as our main theme Eco-tourism.

PGC 2015 application is now open from June 11th 2015 until June 27th 2015 at 24:00 WIB at the latest. It’s your turn to take this chance as the representative of your country. The selected participants will be announced June 30th 2015



Fill the form through this link :