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Parahyangan Green Challenge (PGC) is an annual event organized by the initiative of the Parahyangan Catholic University students with an environmental theme. This event is the first environment event in the university.

Habits of students in littering and not concerned with environmental issues, underlying Parahyangan Green Challenge on May 4, 2013 was established by Gloria Marcella Wiria Morgen. Gloria hopes PGC can be the catalyst for the birth of other environmental projects in Indonesia.

Save Environment, It will save you, later!



To encourage environmental fighters who are able to make positive changes


- Raising awareness of young people to care about the environment through Ecotourism, the annual conference and the environmental community

- Empowering local people to run the environmental action


This movement was formed on May 4, 2013. By collecting 100 Parahyangan Catholic University students to be educated about the environment and engage them in fun environmental activities. We made games of adaptation Korean reality show, Running Man, we change it into environmental game and appropriate for young people. Be the first event at the time.

The success of the event, made us held PGC again on April 2014. That time we took the theme Ecopreneurship, by inviting 100 students from various universities in Indonesia representative. PGC 2014 provided a series of events ranging from seminars, talk shows, workshops, amazing race, and fieldtrip which provide a new experience for the participants.


  • This project was presented at YPA 6 Of Youth Peace Ambassadors International, Thailand on June 2013

  • This project was presented at YPA 7 Of Youth Peace Ambassadors International, Nepal on January 2014

  • This project was presented at YPA 9 Of Youth Peace Ambassadors International, USA on August 2014


  • Founder & Chief PGC 2013

    Gloria Marcella M. W

  • Chief PGC 2014

    Stefy Listiani Santoso

  • Chief PGC 2015

    Carlos Roberto Morgen Wiria